About Us

Uniting Staffordshire Against Hate (USAH) is a free and confidential support service providing information and emotional and practical support to all victims of Hate driven crime or incidents, who either live in Staffordshire or were targeted when visiting the area on more than two occasions.

To access support you do not need to have reported this to the police.

What do we offer?

Our aim is to help you recover from your experience and from any harm caused to you as a result and we can support you:

  • To report the crime to the police if you wish to
  • By liaising with the police and other key agencies on your behalf
  • To exercise your rights as a victim as determined by the Victims Code of Practice
  • To access Restorative Justice
  • To address any financial, emotional or practical issues you may have as a result of what has happened
  • To understand what will happen if your case goes to court and to support you through this including attending court with you

What happens when you contact Uniting Staffordshire Against Hate?

When you contact us, a member of our team will listen and talk with you about your experience, so we can understand how it has affected you and what help you may need.

We will assess your support needs and provide you with advice or information to answer any immediate questions you may have.

We can also allocate you with your own Victim Care Coordinator if needed, who will provide you with both face to face practical and emotional support through this difficult time.